About us

VISION - why are we here?

To promote and encourage well-being initiatives that benefit individuals and organisations.

LifeCraft is here to offer you the knowledge, support and challenge to identify your well-being goals and the tools, techniques and tangibles to achieve them.

VALUES - how do we achieve this?

We can't give you well-being, but we can help you take action to find it by:

  • seeking to understand your needs and wants
  • taking an innovative and creative approach to problem solving
  • being open and honest
  • offering you quality and appropriate products and services
  • believing in balance, self-awareness, growth, and the fulfilment of potential.

MISSION - what do we provide?

To achieve our vision we undertake research and share knowledge about well-being and provide training, facilitation, coaching and analysis to:

  • encourage you to be curious about well-being
  • support and challenge you to take action and benefit from well-being
  • assist you with well-being strategy development, audits and surveys

PEOPLE - who we are

Heather Girling has built the business from her own passion to understand how well-being affects individuals and the positive and negative consequences for individuals and organisations. Using her extensive background in Occupational Psychology, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, Learning and Development, she works with individuals and organisations to promote and encourage well-being. Alongside her is an affiliation of experienced and qualified associates, all with a common purpose and shared values.

CLIENTS - who we work with

LifeCraft works across all sectors, for example with clients in NHS Trusts, local and national Government, various public sector bodies, Housing Associations, Financial Services, Retail, Universities/Schools/Colleges, Manufacturing, Engineering, Information Technology, Charities, Leisure industry.

If you would like us to support you with your well-being goals please do get in touch to discuss your requirements on 07969 689554 or click here to fill in the contact form and we will get back to you shortly.


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Company Information;

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E-Mail Address for further information;

General Enquiries - enquiries@lifecraft.co.uk