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What does LifeCraft do?

LifeCraft supports businesses to achieve their objectives through health and well-being management.
Our vision is 'making well-being work for you' and we do this by:
* analysing your well-being environment
* advising you on well-being strategies
* providing appropriate well-being solutions

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What sort of solutions does LifeCraft offer?

LifeCraft offers a number of solutions for example by:

  • undertaking health and well-being surveys and audits
  • organisational well-being consultancy and strategy development
  • delivering learning and development programmes
  • coaching and mentoring
    We offer a variety of learning and development workshops that can be tailor made to your needs, these include:
  • Managing Mental Health at Work (ILM)
  • Champion in Health and Well-being Management (ILM)
  • Managers Managing Stress
  • Resilient Managers
  • Developing Resilience
  • Coaching for Performance
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    I want to view the resources, do I need to register?

    Yes, in order to view and download resources you first need to register with LifeCraft. This does not take long.
    Click on the Join/Login page and click 'join now'
    Complete your details and then click join
    You will receive an email with an automatically generated password, which you will need to use on your first visit. You can change this to something more memorable after your first login.

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