Resilience and Well-being for Business Leaders and Managers

Creating a positive workplace culture with resilient leadership and happy, healthy employees is the key to thriving organisations and individuals.

This half-day event for business leaders and managers will cover the essentials of resilience and well-being for the workplace.
A thought-provoking, inspiring and interactive half day workshop in Bristol, starting with breakfast at 08:30 and closing at 12:45.
This event is designed to spark thinking in novel ways and encourage leadership and management behaviours that are relevant for both personal and professional use.
We include a host of practical skills, backed up by theory, to bring organisational and individual resilience alive and make it relevant for you.
This is an exploratory and practical workshop, with opportunities to learn from individual and group experiences.
Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Assess the ‘Model of Adaptive Organisational Resilience’
  • Explore the four essential areas required for organisational resilience
  • Map their organisation against these areas to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a vision of organisational resilience for their business
  • Learn about the ‘Six Keys to Personal Resilience’
  • Measure their personal resilience
  • Uncover resilience strengths and development areas
  • Investigate a range of tools and techniques proven to enhance resilience

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