Stress resilience is the ability to deal with challenging and stressful situations successfully. The greater your stress resilience is, the greater your ability to handle change, pressure, and events that could cause stress. With stress resilience, individuals make positive behavioural changes by adopting healthy strategies for dealing with change and stress.

In the current business climate, it is necessary for workplaces to manage growing challenges and difficulties including coping with:

  • change and uncertainty;
  • re-structures and redundancies;
  • staff difficulties;
  • budget cuts;
  • increasing targets and demands

... and all within a challenging marketplace.

These increased pressures are pushing up levels of stress, which unfortunately often results in a further worsening of work performance as a vicious cycle.
Resilience is a business necessity in the current difficult financial climate where the pressures faced by organisations and individuals are particularly challenging. Now more than ever, organisations require staff to develop a resilient mindset to enable them to perform effectively in a pressured environment.
Resilient attitudes and behaviours may represent the difference between success and failure, they include:

  • taking an active approach to problem-solving, rather than looking the other way and hoping the issue will resolve itself;
  • thinking flexibly and being willing to see the same situation from different viewpoints;
  • maintaining a positive attitude by looking at the overall picture and not just focusing on what's gone wrong;
  • committing to achieving goals and not giving up at the first hurdle;
  • accepting situations constructively and realistically without looking round for other people to blame.

Resilient attitudes and habits can be learned and are proven to enhance performance, leadership and well-being at work.

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