engaged staff

Employee engagement could be seen as: "the difference that makes the difference" As Tim Besley, leading economist and member of the Monetary Policy Committee put it, “there is an increasing understanding that people are the source of productive gain, which can give organisations competitive advantage.”

Engagement is about establishing mutual respect in the workplace for what people can do and be, and encouraging appropriate attitudes, behaviours and outcomes in terms of engagement.
Organisations will enjoy the benefits of employee engagement when it is adopted as a workplace approach that is designed to ensure that employees are:

  • committed to their organisation’s goals and values;
  • motivated to contribute to organisational success; and
  • are able at the same time to enhance their own sense of well-being.

Employers’ engagement strategies primarily focus on big-picture issues like work/life balance and pay and reward systems. However by far the major influence on an employee’s engagement is the relationship with their immediate manager, reflected in the day-to-day workplace atmosphere. Employers are not generally recognising and addressing this key issue and typically less than 20% of managers have received training in how to engage with and bring out the best in their people. For example, the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development’s publication Becoming an employer of choice states that:
“70% of people leave their manager and not the job”.

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