Managing Mental Well-being at Work

This two day course will offer your managers and staff the opportunity to learn how to identify the common symptoms of poor mental health and how to manage them.

Attending this 2 day programme will enable participants to:
• Explore elements of health and well-being;
• Understand the stigma and stereotyping surrounding mental health;
• Enhance understanding of mental health;
• Recognise the impact of poor mental health on performance;
• Identify the warning signs, sources and causes of poor mental well-being;
• Practice using a range of tools and techniques that support the management of mental well-being;
• Develop confidence in assisting someone with a mental health problem;
• Be familiar with sources of support and professional help;
• Summarise the legal responsibility and duty of care for managing mental health;
• Reflect on reasonable adjustments that could considered.

Open courses are scheduled in various locations or if you have a number of people who would benefit from this training, we can bring a tailored version to you.

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