Programme details

The aims of this two day course on Managing Mental Well-being at Work are to:

  • Expand participants’ knowledge about a range of mental health issues as well as factors that can affect workplace well-being;
  • Develop skills and behaviours in managing mental well-being effectively and positively for all parties.

Tell me about the objectives

The objectives will enable participants to:
  • Explore elements of health and well-being;
  • Understand the stigma and stereotyping surrounding mental health;
  • Enhance understanding of mental health disorders;
  • Recognise the impact of poor mental health on performance;
  • Identify the warning signs, sources and causes of poor mental well-being;
  • Practice using a range of tools and techniques that support the management of mental well-being at work;
  • Develop confidence in assisting someone with a mental health problem;
  • Be familiar with sources of support and professional help;
  • Summarise the legal responsibility and duty of care for managing mental health;
  • Reflect on reasonable adjustments that could considered within the workplace.

Participants will engage in a range of group and individual activities throughout the programme to enable learning to be embedded and they understand the practical application of the knowledge and skills.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed specifically for staff with responsibilities for the productivity and well-being of others. It will give your leaders and managers the knowledge, skills and behaviours to manage mental health and well-being at work, and is suitable for anyone with people management responsibilities such as:

  • Departmental, senior, site and line managers;
  • Human resource and personnel professionals;
  • Health, safety and well-being managers and representatives;
  • Occupational health personnel.

The programme provides clear and usable knowledge of the nature of mental health and will offer anyone with people management responsibility the skills, behaviours and tools to take long term responsibility for this costly area of employee management. It will assist managers to be proactive in the management of mental health.

What is the structure of the course?

Day one:
  • Session 1: Exploring mental health and well-being
  • Session 2: Understanding mental health disorders
  • Session 3: Warning signs, symptoms and sources
  • Session 4: Tools and techniques for managing mental well-being, including 'Thought Awareness' and 'Grieving and Loss'.

    Day two:
  • Session one: Tools and techniques for managing mental well-being (continued), including Empathy and Interpersonal skills e.g. non-judgemental listening
  • Session two: Conversational mapping and Conversations for managing well-being
  • Session three: Duty of care and legal responsibilities, HSE Management Standards and Building Resilience
  • Session four: Controlling the controllables, Reasonable adjustments, support and signposting. Action planning

    How do you deliver the training?

    Alongside trainer led input, we include:
    Case studies and role plays
    Activities and Games
    Video and Audio

    Where can I take part in this course?

    We run a number of open courses in a variety of locations. The current schedule is listed on the 'Open Courses' page. Alternatively, if you have a number of people that are interested in attending, we can a run the course for you at your premises or a local venue.

    I have more questions, who should I contact?

    To discuss further, find out more or book on this ILM programme, please e-mail -

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