Well-being Games that Educate and Inform

The idea of playing a game dates to the ancient past and is considered an integral part of all societies, for example Dice appears to be among the earliest games used by humans, with the oldest known example being a 3000 year old game.

Some of these games already served a “serious” purpose; for example, Mancala (a game designed around 1400 BC) was used as an accounting tool for trading animals and food. However, most games were based on the concept that the game contains and reveals knowledge that is otherwise hidden from the player.

LifeCraft develops games to bring well-being alive and help develop knowledge and embed new behaviours. These are used very effectively in n large conferences, workshops or small teams to engage participants with the topic of resilience and well-being.

To discuss using games in your conferences and events please e-mail - heatherg@lifecraft.co.uk